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A typical trip to Lithuania

London Gatwick to Vilnius is about 2.5 hours on Lithuanian Airlines.

You will be met at the airport and your firearms, should you be bringing any, will be passed through customs by our reps, the paperwork is already in place and is done 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

We will drive you to your Hotel in the Old Town, either Narutis or Grotthuss, both of which are extremely comfortable. Or the excellent Domian Plaza Serviced apartments which have 1,2,3 or 4 bedrooms. All are walking distance or short Taxi ride of all local attractions.
Then dinner in a good restaurant and an big night out if required ! Most places close at 3/4am.

The next day you will be collected from your hotel and driven to the Hunting area. This drive could be between 1 and 3 hours depending on the time of year, weather conditions and local animal populations.

The first night you can sit in High Seats and wait for Wild Boar to come . It's exciting and nerve wracking. A good scope and a pair of Night Vision Binos helps identify the right animal to shoot.

Driven Hunting

The next 2 days you can experience driven Wild Boar Hunting. You will draw numbers as in a Pheasant Shoot and stand in 6 ft towers on forestry rides so that you are above the quarry and your shot is always down into the ground. Sometimes you will see nothing, other times a flurry of activity as a family of Mother and 'young' ( 200lbs 2 year olds !! ) come dashing through the line ! Sometimes and old tusker ambles through, these Leviathons can go to 500lbs !!

On Hunting Days you can also opt to sit in High Seats in the evening . I did this on 2 evenings last trip in January and shot one Boar each evening, but could have shot more. I was happy with that. I saw probably about 20 Boar as well as Roe Deer and Red Deer come to the feed areas each night.
Three good meals a day and roaring fires in Hunting Lodges or Local Forestry Houses await you. You will definitely not die of thirst or hunger. Toasts of local Vodka are obligatory, but dangerous in quantity !

On the last day , after Hunting, we'll drive back to Vilnius and have a good night on the town , before returning to the the UK the next day arriving about 3.30 pm at Gatwick.

Cost :

This will vary dpending on the number of days hunting and the quality of the Hotels we select. As a rough guide, expect to pay between £800 and £1,500 for a trip, plus transport and trophy Fees for each animal you shoot. Includes : Airfares Gatwick / Vilnius / Gatwick, Firearms Permits and Hunting Licenses, Hotels . Hunting and all meals and drinks when Hunting.

Other Sport

Also in Lithuania we can offer Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shooting , Red Deer, Moose, Roe Deer, Moufflon, Wolf, Beaver, Raccoon.

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