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Your Sporting life will follow many paths and we recognise that you might wish to buy Driven
Shooting in the UK or Europe, Rough Shooting with friends and family, a Safari adventure
Flighted Sand Grouse and Doves. Driven Guinea Fowl or walked up Francolin . Doves in
Argentina or Partridges in Spain, Wiltshire or Lithuania. Superb high ground driven
HUNGARIAN Pheasants at £14 a bird ! Bags of 200 to 500 per day.
Double Guns, Traditional English style shooting.

Costs range from about £150 per person a day for UK Rough Shooting to £1,500
each a day for a serious driven Pheasant Shoot at a well known British Estate
African Bird Shooting Safaris
In Africa we organise good quality Bird Shoots for Sandgrouse,Guinea Fowl, Francolin & Doves.

We combine these Safaris with Plains Game Hunting, Photographic
Safaris , Horseback Safaris and Fishing Safaris.

Costs Range from about £190 a day including accommodation and
meals, shooting and transport. Compare that with a day in Devon !!!

Before you ask ! The Doves and Pigeons on the right were
creating approximately a 30 per cent loss in this Free State Farmer's
Sunflower crop. We stayed in a local Hotel, employed some 20 Bird
Boys and Girls and ALL the Doves went to the local School and
Village. I would like to think everyone was happy. Clients, Farmers,
School Kids and Village Mums !

Bird Shooting Destinations:
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Morrocco, South America, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania.
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